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Fanfest was so fun to watch! I wish I could’ve gone Q w Q )/
Here’s the full version of my entry! I was so happy to see that it made it to the finalists eee ///w///

Drawn with the procreate app on my ipad! Will probably refine it later :3

Drawn with the prompts my twitter followers gave me = p = )/
Monocle+Long Hair+Sailor Uniform+Knee socks+Marble Hair Tie

I love them ;/////;


Artist: Nagu
Website: Tumblr | DeviantArt

クッキーちょうだい\( + q +

I finished on time eeeee  I can raid in peace

I’m really happy a lot of people liked the BLM pic! >///w///<)9 So here’s a little bonus of the lineart T w T It was (kinda) painful to draw it but now that I look at it i’m proud of myself for being patient ahahah

Finally drew a proper picture of my lalafell!! I’m happy with how it turned out!
I’m never drawing HA stuff ever again (cries

Gijinka? of Angel Flavoured cookie! from the game Line Cookie Run o w o )/
Also hi, how are you guys! I feel like I haven’t drawn a coloured picture in 5 millions years D:

Piece I did for Holly's The Path to Hope book!Please go check it out!»

torterrahugger : yeah! i can totally see you as a Fire emblem awakening character! :3

I really like the cleric class + w + )b

bloodless-rose : Legend of Zelda!! : D

Random victim of link’s actions #80289 probably!

chocor3n : love live! :D