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2008 vs 2014

I will never stop dancin \o/

19 Days until FFXIV’s 1st Anniversary!
I saw  that they were doing an official art countdown, so I thought “Hey I can do my own countdown too!” I will also try to stream each one! \o/
{Please look forward to it!}

For my friend, Lord Fame on cactuar! :3

Ipad doodle… sometimes I draw these on the train on my way home fro school = p =


Pokemon ORAS Countdown is the Unofficial Countdown for the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Sign ups for the event are now open till the 1st of August!
Drawing specifications
For any other questions, send an ask!

This is… harder than i thought OTL;; (especially the saving part haha
My mascot “Tissue”

Taking a break from drawing by drawing ahaha
If FFXIV had a dancer I would level it in a heartbeat + - +

FFXIV outfits are so detailed I can’t draw them properly, so I came up with my own (cry

Process gif…? O w O

Ryuko doodle! been a while since i painted on one layer = p =
process gif here

Inspired by M2U’s Magnolia [Click to listen]
M2U is one of my favourite korean composers, and when I heard the song a really strong image came up in my mind…

and it bugged me for months until I finally finished the picture T w T

Long time since I’ve worked on a personal piece…! I will (try to) record the lineart + colouring process as separate videos! :3

For Akava and Aizel! > w < )/ They’ve been friends for 14 years!! * 0 *