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This song is harder than it looks…even pitched down TwT

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= w = midterms are here…aiyoo
i like geology but sometimes i just want to tableflip the rocks www U w U… and then i look at my beautiful garnet schist and calm down what am i even talking about aiyoo ww

40 sec cover of kisaragi attention-…

I wanted to give it a try aha;sldkfj ; w ; )9

it would be nice if a group of people can cover the entire kagerou project TuT

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Ask me to take a print screen of anything on my computer. Make it interesting!

J-just a couple! ; w ;

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Re; Losing hope at 13


I wanted to reply because well, this sounds EXACTLY like myself when I was 13~15. I guess for me, it wasn’t until I reached high school when I thought about drawing seriously. There were many times I thought about how much more I could’ve improved if I started taking drawing more seriously  a bit earlier, like.. at 13.During high school, I’ve been engulfed in jealousy of other talented artists around my age, it was really frustrating. When I learned to let go of “most” of it, I realized that being jealous and fretting about it only hurts yourself, and doesn’t really change anything about the situation. After I taught myself to stop complaining and being jealous 24/7, it really becomes easier to draw what you want to draw, rather than clinging onto the notion of “fast improvement” too much. I still get jealous of other younger artists and their works from time to time, but I always return to the thought “complaining and being jealous won’t do anything about the situation”. Overtime, I realized that one of the greatest obstacles in drawing is to overcome the negative thoughts and just keep drawing…! I look back on my old art and see that I’ve come a long way, but I also know that there’s no limit to where I can take my art… so that hope for possibility keep me going too! In the end, we draw because we love to draw or enjoy seeing the works we created rather than to be better than someone, right?

About parents considering drawing as a waste of time…My parents thought that too. They were really tolerant in drawing when I was in elementary, they kept getting stricter as I progressed through junior high and high school Based on personal experiences with art and parents who consider it a waste of time, I think the key is perseverance, diligence to keep drawing, and improving at your own pace. If you keep it up, I’m sure your parents will also understand that you love art, and it’s something you can’t live without doing! (Balancing art and school is difficult, but it’s all worth it!!!) Now, in university I sometimes get judging glares from them time to time, but they accept the fact that “drawing” and “art” is one of the things I am passionate about.

I had a chance to go to art school, but in the end, my parents vetoed the choice and I’m now a geology major. But I think…when you say you have a passion for art, that passion will allow you to keep drawing rather or not you go into an art field, science, medicine, or any other fields! I know plenty of artists who draw jaw dropping, beautiful artworks that went to university for a degree that is not even in the proximity of “art”. Know that art school isn’t the only way you can keep drawing. Keep all your doors open and search for as many routes as possible rather than just going straight for one single door!

Anyways, I apologize for rambling on with my story…Good luck in the future!

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this was an answer to another post a while ago on that blog…! I.. guess I wrote it because I was trying to reason with my negativity too! ; w ;

Leave a HEX code (colour) in my inbox!

And I will draw something with that colour!

First 5 only!

YOU GUYS ARE FAST! hehe i’ll finish the five first and then try to do as many as I can over the break!

Giveaway Suggestions?

I really want to do a giveaway to celebrate something, but…I don’t know what to give away! Please give me a suggestion on what would be good to put up! So far there’s prints…but I…want to give away something more.. special? QwQ)//

Thank you for your time~!

Ideas so far:

- Prints
- Stickers/buttons/Postcards
- Stationaries
- Original Sketches/Mini Sketchbook
-My love and panties  ^ p ^ )/ -punts you to pluto- <3